Wildflowers on Bell Springs Mountain

in the Native Oak Woodlands, Mixed Fir Forests and Open Grasslands

Doug Zimmerman Photography

Iris purdi

The deciduous oak forests on Bell Springs mountain include Oregon white oak (Quercus garryana), and California black oak (Quercus kelloggii) species. The forest goes through dramatic seasonal changes. Dormant and leafless about 6 months of the year revealing a vast living community of mosses, leafy lichens and mistletoe on the trunk and branches. Colorful yellow, orange and red leaves emerge in the spring while the adjoining grasslands produce a wide spectrum of intense green color. The summer woodland has a dark green canopy partially shading the annual wildflower show playing on the forest floor below. In the fall the leaves turn yellow and brown as the trees shut down for the winter.

Sprouting acorn late winter

Red larkspur

Spring leaf black oak


Seasonal pool

Mossy oaks

Shooting star

Late spring full canopy


Coastal larkspur

Trillium and Hound's tongue


Oak apple wasp gall

Star lily

Tower butterweed

Scarlet larkspur


Late fall


Heavy Snow


All photographs copyrighted. © Doug Zimmerman