Wildflowers in the Native Oak Woodlands, Mixed Fir Forests and Open Grasslands

on Bell Springs Mountain

Doug Zimmerman Photography

Lupin hillside

This website displays photographs of 170 wildflower species growing in a remote area of northern Mendocino county, California. Bell Springs Mountain is situated at the top of historic Mail Ridge along Bell Springs Road. Diverse climatic and environmental conditions provide a rich variety of habitat.

Blooming periods are slightly different every year depending on the weather but generally begins in March and continues until October. Doug Zimmerman has been homesteading, hiking and photographing the area for over 35 years. All photographs were taken in the native surroundings using only natural sunlight for illumination.

The Oak Woodland

oaks in snow

Bell springs mountain is a rocky, hilly landscape ranging from 1000 to almost 4000 feet in elevation. The climate is considered transitional, being influenced by the coastal zone to the west and the warmer inland areas to the east. Four seasons provide an average 80 inches of rain in the winter and spring, then drought during the summer and fall.

spring hills

All photographs copyrighted. © Doug Zimmerman